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With Over 40 Years In business,

99.9% of Our Business Comes From Repeat Clients and Client Referrals

Audie Benson Estate Homes is an
Alberta home builder with over 40 years
of experience building custom estate
homes in Edmonton and surrounding area.
Your New Home

A Worthy Investment

We know that your home is much more than design, architecture, craftsmanship and materials. Your home is a reflection of you: your taste and style, your personality, your
needs and wants – your lifestyle. That’s why you are an integral member of our design team. With careful consideration and attention to detail, our professionals can turn your wishlist into your dream home.

Your home is an investment that must appeal to your mind and your heart. It must pay
dividends today and tomorrow. It must make deposits in the memory banks of every member of your family and be a security in the marketplace. For over 40 years, hundreds of people have trusted Audie and his team with their most worthy investment. We are honored to have the privilege of building for multiple generations of our valued clients.

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Who We Are

Meet The Builder

Audie Benson's career in the building industry began in 1978 at the age of 23, when he founded Heredity Homes (Medicine Hat) Ltd. Five years later he sold the successful home-building business and moved to the larger market in Edmonton. As President of Heredity Homes in Edmonton for 23 years, Audie and his team earned a sterling reputation for award-winning designs and superior customer satisfaction.

This was repeatedly recognized by the Greater Edmonton Home Builders Association and Alberta New Home Warranty. During this time, Heredity Homes expanded south and Audie became President of Heredity Homes (Calgary) Ltd.

2006 brought the sale of Heredity Homes (St. Albert) and Heredity Homes (Calgary) and the birth of Audie Benson Estate Homes.

All... For the Love of Excellence!

Our Team

Experience You Can Depend On

Our Team at Audie Benson Estate Homes is united in its commitment to unsurpassed quality, integrity, honesty and communication. We believe that the strength of any successful company is the knowledge, practice and genuine appreciation of team effort.

Becky Benson

Sales Manager
(780) 905-8690
Being born and raised in this family owned and operated home building business, as well as being a licensed realtor in the greater Edmonton area since 2005, Becky Benson has a love for the industry.
Her expertise, stellar work ethic and exceptional networking skills are second nature to her.

Todd Sigfuson

Client & Accounts Manager
(780) 964-8690
Todd brings experience in the areas of communications, management, and trade work. Todd’s motivation comes from providing our clients with a feeling of security through the entire home building experience, by building great business relationships through his friendliness and easy rapport.

Kim Gustafson

Project Manager
(780) 203-5533
Kim’s passionate expertise and dedication to his field of Supervision and quality control over the past 17 years with Audie Benson Estate Homes sets him apart. Kim is personable and approachable at all levels which maintains a high-quality environment with our Trades and makes him a favorite for all of our clients.
Pride and Passion


Audie's consistent, superior standard of workmanship and commitment to customer service and maximum satisfaction has been repeatedly awarded with the coveted Customer Choice Award presented by the Greater Edmonton Home Builders Association as well as the Alberta Home Builders Association. In addition to multiple design awards, he was also presented with the 25-Year Platinum Award of Distinction by Alberta New Home Warranty.

Our partners

Unmatchable Suppliers

This family owned and operated business is proudly Albertan! We use locally owned/operated suppliers and resources to ensure the quality of the products used when building our homes. Reputable trades who have been with us for many years make the service you receive unmatchable.

"Deciding to build our estate home with Audie Benson Estate Homes was a decision we have never regretted. The service they provided was beyond our expectations, from allowing us to join in architectural meetings to assisting us with design elements. At no point during the process did we feel left out or overwhelmed!"
The Blair Family
"When your builder becomes your lifelong friend, you know two things: He was an excellent builder and it was a great experience. Since Audie built our home 20 years ago, we have shared weddings, funerals, baptisms, and a trip abroad."
Dave and Haddie Erisman
"Thank you, Audie, for designing and building the home of our dreams. We love it. Audie and Kathleen’s expertise were invaluable to our building experience. Their personal, hands-on approach is unsurpassed. We are so proud of our home."
John and Laurel McPhail
Our Philosophy

Because you have a choice, we must rise above the norm

Because you are intelligent, we must be diligent

Because you are unique, we must be flexible

Because you have sensibilities, we must be considerate

Because you have influence, we must exceed your expectations